About us

Welcome to Kennel KiThoGi, have a look around and get to know our family of wonderful dogs.

At Kennel KiThoGi, our dogs live in our home with us and take part in all aspects of the day to day life in a family.

Beside the dogs, we are a small family of four: Kiki and Thomas, and our kids Kia (2002) and Toby (2004).

When Kiki was barely six years old, the first Akita became part of her family – a five months old boy, Kuma (Ichiban’s Springtime Affair), who lived with her family until he died of old age, thirteen years old.
This wonderful boy became the one to start it all, and since him, Kiki always knew that Akitas would be in her future.

When the breed split, Kiki’s parents decided to continue with the Akita (Japanese type), but there was never a doubt in our minds, that even though we feel a connection to both breeds, the American Akita holds a special place in our hearts.

When Thomas came along, he wasn’t hard to convince of the idea of an American Akita, but none the less, in 2009, the Samoyed, Yuki, found his way into our lives, where he untill 2020 lived out his life as the house couch potato, and a highly treasured member of our family.

And then, after years of searching for the perfect combination of breeder, pedigree and gut feeling, we were lead to Kodiak Canyon American Akitas, and the wonderful people of Johanna and Mikael Huovinen. Here our search ended and our adventure began, when we, full of high hopes and expectations, brought home Aiko (Kodiak Canyon Stealin’ Hearts) in August 2013.

In our search, we were first and foremost looking for good and healthy a girl with an amazing temperament, who would hopefully become the foundation of our future breeding program - and Aiko turned out to be everything we hoped for and more. 

Since then, more litters and dogs has entered our lives, and the rest is history, as you say.